Zeversolar and Manitu Solar announce distribution partnership for inverters in Hungary

Zeversolar, an inverter manufacturer from China and part of SMA since 2013, and Manitu Solar of Hungary, Budapest announced today that they have committed to a long-term partnership in the Hungarian PV market. As a first step, the companies have entered a distribution agreement for Zeversolar’s inverter portfolio, enabling Manitu Solar to sell Zeversolar’s most recent high-quality inverters in Hungary. The cooperation is due to get underway in the spring of 2017 with the Zeverlution S series, which has already been approved by Hungarian grid operators and is ready for connection, and soon also the Evershine TLC series, currently awaiting approval.

“After receiving a positive assessment and approval from the grid operators, we are now proud to offer our inverters on the Hungarian market via our partner Manitu Solar. This means that installers and EPC providers in Hungary now have access to high-quality inverters that meet all aspects of European safety standards and EMC standards, giving end users long-term security and peace of mind,” said Andreas König, Sales Director Europe at Zeversolar.

The single phase Zeverlution S inverter and the soon to be approved three phase Evershine TLC ranging from 4 kW to 10 kW offer integrated monitoring via the ZeverCloud portal, with a LAN interface and a Wifi module. They also have a high power to density ratio, exemplified by the Zeverlution S which weighs just 6.8 kg. ”We are seeing an increased demand from our customers for good quality products from reliable and reputable manufacturers,” said Mr Nagy from Manitu Solar. ”Zeversolar has world-class solar inverter products and they are growing along with the PV industry. We are proud and pleased to be able to offer our customers and local partners Zeversolar inverters,” said Norbert Nagy, CEO of Manitu Solar. The solar company sees the new distribution agreement as an opportunity to bring in-demand products to their customers.

“Our portfolio specifically lacked a small, 1-3 kW single phase inverter manufactured by a reliable partner with a strong technical background that can compete with the new generation of small inverters on the market. We are happy to have found the right partner in Zeversolar and not only with this specific device, but in the full inverter portfolio from Zeversolar,” adds Norbert Nagy from Manitu Solar.

The Hungarian solar photovoltaic market is still one of the smallest of the EU countries, however it has shown significant growth in the past few years. In 2016, the Hungarian PV market´s installed capacity amounted to approximately 80 MW. As classic PV markets in the EU, such as Germany and most of Europe, have been decreasing in recent years, Zeversolar and Manitu Solar´s partnership will boost Zeversolar’s growing PV presence in the Eastern European markets.

“Even before entering the Hungarian market we had been working closely together with Manitu Solar to ensure that our inverters met the Hungarian grid operators’ stringent requirements. The Zeverlution S is only the start, and we are looking to add the Evershine TLC, Eversol TLC and the Zeverlution Pro 33K in the near future,” said Andreas König from Zeversolar.

About Zeversolar

Founded in 2009, Zeversolar is a leading Chinese manufacturer of reliable, affordable and simple photovoltaic inverters, which became part of SMA group in 2013 and is now owned at 100% by SMA AG. With headquarters in Suzhou (China), branch offices in Germany and Australia and more than 290 employees, Zeversolar produces string inverters for residential and commercial applications. Software and monitoring tools round off the portfolio. Zeversolar combines the best of both worlds: Chinese flexibility and German reliability.

About Manitu Solar

Manitu Solar is a market leading solar company in Hungary, and has built up an extensive local distributor network of local installers with over 150 local partner companies. With their distribution centre in Budapest and with probably the largest local stock of PV products in Hungary, Manitu Solar is committed to PV distribution in the Eastern European region. www.manitusolar.com

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