Solplanet Launches New Three Phase Inverters for Higher Yields to Industrial and Commercial Applications

Shanghai, China— Nov 8th, 2022 — Solplanet presents its newest generation inverters – the ASW 75 to 110KLT Series. The new series from Solplanet are high-efficiency, reliable, and user-friendly inverters for various industrial and commercial industry applications. Delivering higher yields, ensuring safety, and providing smart operation functions, the three phase ASW 75-110K LT Series empowers companies to reduce costs while increasing efficiency and benefits.
“We are delighted to be introducing new three phase inverters to guide low-carbon development,” said Winston Wu, CTO of Solplanet, “Companies from the industrial and commercial industry target increasing efficiency and economic performance while reducing carbon emissions. Solplanet stays committed to ‘Solar for Everybody’ and fully exploits its strengths to support the industry to realize this target with our brand-new inverter series.”
The three phase ASW 75-110K LT Series answer the need to increase power production through its 10 MPPT design, plus with up to 150% oversizing of the PV array. Additionally, the new series enables maximum power production less than ideal conditions through the use of Solplanet’s smart “ShadeSol” shadow management system, which helps to minimize the impact of shade on the energy yields of PV modules.
The new series also ensures safety and reliability. The IP66 rated design enables the inverters to perform excellent under harsh environments such as high temperature, high-humidity, and high salt environments. In terms of smart operation, the new series adopts fuse-free design with string-level management to detect the anomaly string precisely. With the 24/7 system monitoring and real-time data collection and analysis, the new series weave a rigorous safety net for safe and intelligent operation.
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Solplanet is an overseas brand of AISWEI. AISWEI is a global organization manufacturing high-quality and reliable inverters since 2009, formerly known as SMA’s China subsidiary with a broad portfolio of PV inverter products, EV charger, and energy management system.
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