Break away from the past by AISWEI

–SMA China Renames and Uses New LOGO
Three SMA Chinese companies under the SMA Group have recently changed their names after completing MBO. In order to adapt to the strategic development of the new company and fully embody the spirit and cultural characteristics of the new company, the new LOGO will be used at the same time.

The name and LOGO are changed as follows:

New LOGO Connotation:
The new LOGO is designed on the basis of the ”士” – a character from the Chinese name of the company, which represents the spiritual core and cultural characteristics of the new company with humility, focus, perseverance and aspirations, and endows the new company with the talent outlook of ”taking morality as the first, respecting knowledge and making full use of talents”. The orange part symbolizes the sunshine, which means the industry will develop better, and the blue part symbolizes the sky, the earth and the sea, which means that the new company will have a bright future; The white part of the ”士” shape, just like a sail on the sea, and it has characteristics of light, sensitive, powerful, and means that the new company business style will be more agile, efficient and fast.

This change of name and LOGO will not affect the existing production and operation of the company. Subsequent changes, revisions or inheritances related to internal and external logos, signs, corporate image, etc. will be carried out successively.
About AISWEI (formerly as SMA China)

AiSWEI, a former subordinate of SMA Solar Technology AG (hereinafter referred to as: SMA Group) who is a globally renowned solar inverters R&D and manufacturing enterprise, is an enterprise group specializing in the R&D and manufacture of solar inverters. In Shanghai, Suzhou, Jiangsu and Yangzhong, Jiangsu, it has independent legal-entity companies, which undertake the functions of business center, R&D and management center and manufacturing center, respectively. The headquarters is located in Suzhou National Hi-Tech District(SND), Jiangsu Province, where the core enterprise AiSWEI New Energy Technology (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as AiSWEI Jiangsu, No.198 Xiangyang Road, SND, with registered capital 343 million Yuan, engaged in R&D and manufacturing of inverters) is registered.

In view of the market changes, SMA Group, to restructure global business, resolved to reorganize SMA China on Dec. 6, 2018, and SMA Chinese management led by Dr. Zhang Yong, made an overall acquisition of the equity and business of companies including SMA New Energy Technology (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd., SMA New Energy Technology (Yangzhong) Co., Ltd. and SMA New Energy Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. in China.
AiSWEI will continue to cooperate closely with SMA Group in business such as R&D, production, supply chain and customer service, operate its original business independently and actively develop new business, new products and new markets beyond the original business scope.

With the accumulation and continuation of SMA leading technologies, AiSWEI has participated in the formulation of many national and international standards. It is also the main drafting company of China Quality Certification Center ” The Residential Rooftop Photovoltaic System Certification Specification”.

Currently, AiSWEI owns a full range of solar grid-connected inverter products from 1kW to 60kW, with a total capacity of 2GW. The inverter products have been sold in dozens of countries and regions, bringing solar energy to global users. Meanwhile, by continuous improvement of the after-sales service system at home and abroad, it has brought customers with sustainable and stable quality assurance as well as more value-added services.